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Name: Patrick Cyr Born: September 7th, 1983 Driving out of: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Background: Pat’s interest for things with wheels began at a very early age. As a toddler he found himself spending a lot of time in the garage at home with his father, an on-the-side mechanic. As Pat’s interest in cars quickly developed through the years, he began building and customizing model cars. He also soon discovered that, along with his passion for cars, came a passion for speed. This manifested in his deep involvement with BMX racing in his early teenhood, racing BMX competitively for two years starting at age 13. Though he found the racing to be fun, he also found that it didn’t challenge him enough in a creative sense, and so he left the racing circuit to spend the rest of his teenage years doing BMX dirt jumping. This appealed to Pat not only because of its physical tax on the rider, but also because the rider’s personality and style was reflected in their riding. At the age of 16, with legal restrictions no longer preventing him from owning and operating a motorized vehicle, Pat immediately purchased and began to modify an old Honda Civic, and so began his amateur autocross career, attending whichever local club events he could get into. Pat’s natural affinity for speed gained him several podium finishes, confusing fellow drivers as the youngest competitor in the series. Life at autocross would soon change when, at age 18, Pat purchased his first Toyota Corolla AE86, and began to bring it to events. This spelled the end of Pat’s auto- cross career, as he began getting kicked out of events because he was ‘sliding’ the car through the course, and making too much noise. In August of 2004, Pat attended his first Drift Ops drift practice event at the suggestion of a friend, and he knew immediately that drifting is where he would make his home. Finally, in 2007, Pat entered into DMCC, the Canadian professional drifting series. He immediately gained a fan base due to his continuing use of the AE86 Corolla, a car which is becoming increasingly rare in professional competition. He also strengthened his fan base by showing impossibly fast drift entry speeds, as well as an ‘insane’ style which baffles judges and competitors to this day. Many consider Pat to be the most aggressive driver coming out of Canada right now, which he has proven by being the top Canadian driver in DMCC, as well as with his successful trips to the U.S in 2010. In his free time, Pat continues exploring his passion for car modification and fabrication building lowriders and other customs. He also can be found sometimes judging local amateur drift events, or helping his Drift Posse teammates fix their cars.

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